Theory U and AikiCom

Aikicom- theory U

Change approaches are endlessly searching the method that will overcome the apparent deadlock in which our companies, our businesses and ourselves seem to be frozen.

If nobody nowadays disputes that we are heading for the fall if we continue to live without changing our patterns of consumption and living, we show the same unanimous inability to make good decisions and transforming them into actions that make a difference. The global warming, the exhaustion of natural resources, the growing inequality, employment and migration, radicalization and violence between individuals, communities, genders, not a domain that is escaping from our inaction. And globalization make it worse.

Theory U is an interesting lead. It is proposing to seek answers by trusting our intuition, and opeing our mind to let the future emerge, instead of applying the solutions of the past to the problems of today. The U-shaped curve invites us to leave the sterile discussions behind where we're just trying to recognize what we already know and to open up to the field, the space that encompasses us and which we are a part of.

AïkiCom looking in the same direction.

Ai means harmony and Ki energy. Aiki is the invitation to go deeper in ourself and reconnect to our center, to our surroundings and letting the emergence of the right action.

When the U theory is combined with AïkiCom, we move from the realm of ideas to that of the embodied. from the realm of ideas to that of action.

Theory U is bright and seems to get to the heart of essential principles. AïkiCom is developping practices to live these principles through the body avoiding the risk of staying tied in the cognitive domain while having the illusion of being elsewhere.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them said Albert Einstein.

Our mind alone cannot get us out of individualistic thinking, distancing himself with the problem and searching in the other person the causes of the problem to which he belongs.

AïkiCom follows a similar path to that pursued by theory U but start from a different paradigm that emphasizes the harmonized body in mind. The work consists of mobilizing our energy (Ki) to restore connection and harmony (Ai) between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, self and other, us and them, human beings and nature.

  • Centering brings us back to ourselves and connects us to our surroundings and to the other.
  • Presence and perception that opens us to the world
  • Action emerging from our deep self in a constant dialogue with our surrounding to take into account the feedback from our deeds.
  • Wide vision that embraces all stakeholders us and all stakeholders

These are some of AikiCom's main outlines to feed this new mainstream of thinking of which theory U is part

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