Coaching Therapy

for coaches and therapists


What Aikido brings you as a professional for your clients?
Powerful decoding models
Move your client into desired change
Your body is your ally
Address conflictual situations

We propose regular workshops for therapists, coaches, mediators



Activating the energy of Harmony

The body is the ally

The body plays a crucial role in the change process. As Coaches, Therapists, and other Helping Professionals we cannot anymore address our clients mind. The body keeps the score and knowledge is only knowledge as long as it is not embodied. Change has to be enacted.

Most of our clients instatisfaction rest on conflict, dilemma and "welcoming" undesired life circumstances. Aikido is a wonderful and inspiring wisdom to handle all kind of attacks, pressure, conflict. It offers a way to escape to our Fight/Flight/Freeze reactions.

A powerful set of models and tools

As AikiCom and Aiki Coaching — the branch of AikiCom dedicated to helping professionals — are based on the modelling of the benefits of Aikido for our daily life, it is build up upon a set of amazing models

Decoding the present situation

You are probably skilled at questioning and identifying the structure of your client's experience. With Aiki Coaching you can question his/her body as a guide to discover what's behind the curtain of the story your client could be tempted to tell you.
The Aiki Sphere model is a surprising grid to interact with your client's body-mind.

The body doesn't lie, no?

Defining the future/solution state

Once again, your client's body knows better what is good for her/him. The Aiki Sphere is more than a decoding grid, it is a way to let your client clarify what he/she want .. really.

Initiating the change

The VOCAL model is helping to put your client in movement to reach his/her objective.
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