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The wisdom of Aikido in your life

Presence, kindness, connection,

Aikido's wisdom changes your life through its embodied philosophy.

Body and Mind in synergy

If you attended workshops and conferences,
if you read dozens of books, you know that that 
Knowing is not enough !
We need to embody our practice.
We think with our head but
We act through our body.

That's why AikiCom is combining:

  • The body - as it is an embodied approach
  • The head - as it is a verbal practice too and
  • An ethics - the philosophy of aikido as a way to reconcile ourself with the world we are living in.

What is it about ?

AikiCom is about reconnecting with ourselves and with others.
Inspired by Aikido, AikiCom has identified the essentials of Aikido as a non violent martial art to be applied in daily life, private and work.

  • Ai in Japanese language means Harmony, reconciling, it is about reconnecting what is separate and should not be.
  • Ki is about life energy. It is the energy of our life we can spend to realize our vision, what is moving us.
  • Com is about communication, the process of life when in contact with others and our environment
    AikiCom is the way we choose to invest our energy to reconcile and restore harmony through better communication.
    In business it is the power of cooperation for optimal efficiencyIn private life it is a way for peaceful and loving relationships.

It is about kindness and about martial-ness — because life is not so easy

AikiCom is an embodied practice where words and our body in movement create new meaning and experience.
Because no change can last if it is not embodied

For whom ?

  • As an individual, AikiCom will be a tremendous help to manage conflict, frustrations, tensions and everything causing stress
  • As a man or woman in relationship, it will be a original way to ally love, respect and dialogue
  • As a parent, it will be way a practice to offer your children a loving place to help them become what they deserve to be, without being weak and without being too strict
  • As a worker, manager, leader, it is a way to embody your professional expertise, lead a group or work in a group
  • as a teacher or educator, it is a way to embody your role as a guide and example

How does it works ?

  • by discovering the values and principles of aikido as non violent martial art
  • by discovering how you can embody the values of Aiki

AikiCom is a body practice reconnecting mind and body

Your body will become an ally and a resource to help you when things go wrong, in crises, in difficult moments

Let’s live in the Aiki way

Peacefully, respectfully with kindness

Let’s make violence useless around us
and co-create a world where we want to live

Be the change you want in the world, but do it wisely, do it.
AikiChristian Vanhenten
Creator of AikiCom