Presence, kindness, connection,

The wisdom of Aikido in your life

AikiCom is the result of modeling the benefits of aikido in daily life.
Neuro Linguistic Modeling comes from NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

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AïkiCom, or Aikido Communication, is composed of Ai (harmony), Ki (life energy), and Com for communication. AïkiCom is an approach that aims to embody and apply principles of self-communication and communication with others through physical integration, words, and attitude.

The evident qualities of aikido in terms of emotional intelligence are conveyed through a physical practice that connects with the principles of aikido as well as those of other approaches such as

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

From AikiCom to Martial Kindness

From AikiCom > Martial Kindness

Managing conflict with AikiCom opens the door to martial benevolence.
We move from competence to an attitude that helps us think, act and communicate better.

From Martial Kindness to Personal Fulfilment

And Martial Kindness as an attitude enables us to move towards a fulfilled life by defining:

  • our vision (what a fulfilled life is),
  • the knowledge I need to move in this direction and
  • how to act to achieve it. (Productivity)

As an engineer and computer scientist specialized in process modeling and change management, I created AïkiCom in 2008 with the intention of sharing the benefits of a healthy practice of aikido with those who have never practiced it before.

Having been trained in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, NVC, clean language, and EFT, I have incorporated these practices into the physical dimension of aikido to enhance its benefits.

I am the author of “In Search of Martial Kindness,” ( original in French:”Ne Cessez pas d’être gentils soyez forts”), “Les Principes de l’Aïkido Communication” (The Principles of AïkiCom), and “Quand le remariage devient l’heureux mariage” (When Remarriage Becomes a Happy Marriage).

Since 2011, I have been devoting myself full-time to training and coaching, and I also offer conferences.

Body and Mind in synergy

If you attended workshops and conferences,
if you read dozens of books, you know that that 
Knowing is not enough !
We need to embody our practice.
We think with our head but
We act through our body.

That’s why AikiCom is combining:

  • The body – as it is an embodied approach
  • The head – as it is a verbal practice too and
  • An ethics – the philosophy of aikido as a way to reconcile ourself with the world we are living in.

What is it about ?

AikiCom is about reconnecting with ourselves and with others.
Inspired by Aikido, AikiCom has identified the essentials of Aikido as a non violent martial art to be applied in daily life, private and work.

  • Ai in Japanese language means Harmony, reconciling, it is about reconnecting what is separate and should not be.
  • Ki is about life energy. It is the energy of our life we can spend to realize our vision, what is moving us.
  • Com is about communication, the process of life when in contact with others and our environment
    AikiCom is the way we choose to invest our energy to reconcile and restore harmony through better communication.
    In business it is the power of cooperation for optimal efficiencyIn private life it is a way for peaceful and loving relationships.

It is about kindness and about martial-ness — because life is not so easy

For whom ?

  • As an individual, AikiCom will be a tremendous help to manage conflict, frustrations, tensions and everything causing stress
  • As a man or woman in relationship, it will be a original way to ally love, respect and dialogue
  • As a parent, it will be way a practice to offer your children a loving place to help them become what they deserve to be, without being weak and without being too strict
  • As a worker, manager, leader, it is a way to embody your professional expertise, lead a group or work in a group
  • as a teacher or educator, it is a way to embody your role as a guide and example

How does it works ?

  • by discovering the values and principles of aikido as non violent martial art
  • by discovering how you can embody the values of Aiki

AikiCom is a body practice reconnecting mind and body

Your body will become an ally and a resource to help you when things go wrong, in crises, in difficult moments

Mental and Physical Approach

Aïkicom is not just a gentle practice of aikido; it is also a set of tools and frameworks that invite us to become active participants in our lives and to transform our interactions and conflicts into opportunities for growth.

My body, my compass

AïkiCom encourages us to reconnect with our bodily sensations and tap into somatic intelligence, that intuitive intelligence that guides our actions based on how we “feel” rather than relying solely on the best reasoning our rational mind can produce.

Frameworks for understanding

How can we return to ourselves and act without excess or regret? The practice of aikido and the models of NLP are combined to provide frameworks for understanding our experiences, enabling us to act with maximum elegance, which means without excessive effort or futile gestures. It is about finding the right perspective, the right effort for the right action.

Compassionate communication

Aikido embodies the verbal practice advocated by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and transforms it into a practice that is less cerebral and more experiential. Words and questions flow more effortlessly, without overthinking, fostering a quality relationship conducive to win-win solutions.