Christian Vanhenten

After starting as a professional engineer and computer scientist Christian Vanhenten developed a passion for human development and communication in general.

He learned different approaches (Transactional analysis, Non violent Communication,..).
Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming since 1996, Christian Vanhenten created the approach Neuro-Linguistic Meta-Practice (french acronym: Meta-PNL)  to highlight the modeling process of human skills to make them accessible to people who want it.

After some years of coaching practice and training in Ericksonian hypnosis with Stephen Gilligan PhD, he made a link between his experience in personal development and  aikido he practices for 40 years.

He was taught aikido by his father and now learn it to his two sons. He is currently 4th grade black belt from the Aikikai of Tokyo and teaches aikido in his dojo in Namur, Belgium putting the accent on the link between aikido and our communication in daily life.

This 10 years experience in this aikido teaching lead him to create in 2008 a new approach he entitled AikiCom, a pragmatic and original approach in terms of communication, emotional management, stress management and conflict 

Since 2010, he devote himself fully to the development of AïkiCom, training, coaching and consultancy. 

In 2017, Christian Vanhenten created the Applied Aikido Association, whose goal is to make Applied aikido be recognized a field of knowledge and developing a network of professionals applying aikido to their domain of expertise (see )

Discover more about Christian in his bio in French


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