The monkey, the lion and the garden

3 centers ape, lion, monkey

This picture to illustrate how we live with our three centers.

Our mind is like this monkey: playing, moving, making noise.

Our emotional center is the lion of our life. It is coloring our experience, sometimes in a comfortable way, sometimes in a painful and bitter manner.

And then there is our somatic center. The place where should be, where we ought to be. But a place where, most of the times, we forbid ourselves to enter.

Like a boy or a girl looking through the fence of a beautiful parc. He or she sees how beautiful it should be but he dares not enter the parc. Why ? Maybe because it is to beautiful, so calm, maybe not for him/her, for others, yes, but not for him/her…

And meanwhile, the monkey is keeping us busy while the lion sleeps, tired by the monkey’s gesticulation. Or faking to sleep as he could spring so rapidly.

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